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The Addams Family: Get Ready for A Chilling Night!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many beloved school traditions to fall by the wayside, but at long last, KGV's school musical is back. Boasting stunning vocals, larger-than-life acting, and dazzling choreography, the school musical is a unique opportunity for KGV students to enjoy a professional theatre production starring their own talented peers. This year's production, The Addams Family, is a musical comedy with a macabre twist, and it’s certain to be unforgettable.

The Addams are the furthest thing possible from a normal family. With a love for all things morbid, their ranks include Lurch, an undead butler who speaks only in groans and moans, Pugsley Addams, whose favorite pastime is getting tortured by his elder sister Wednesday, and ‘the ancestors’—a ghostly ensemble of the Addams’ deceased forebearers, brought back to life to participate in musical numbers. When Wednesday Addams falls in love with a sweet, respectable boy from a completely normal family, the Addams are sent on a whirlwind of drama, comedy, and thrilling musical scores. KGV students will love this musical for its delightfully creepy characters, but even more so for its heartfelt portrayal of family.

In school, rehearsals have already begun in earnest. "We've started blocking the first couple of scenes," says Kyra Tang, who plays the role of Uncle Fester, "and I'm incredibly excited for the audience to experience it due to the immersive approach we're taking. The musical has a sinister yet wholesome aesthetic which I believe the audience will enjoy.” Not only that, she adds, but the cast is also working hard at perfecting their musical numbers. “The ancestors especially sound incredible in songs like 'When You're An Addams' and 'The Moon And Me'."

Nonetheless, as KGV’s first large-scale production in a long time, the performers aren’t without their pressures. “It can be nerve-wracking,” Kyra admits. “Due to the pandemic, the school has been deprived of any large productions, so The Addams Family Musical is deemed as our big comeback in hopes of reviving the theatre bedazzle here. I truly hope and believe that the audience will relish the opportunity to relax and appreciate the live entertainment.”

Costume designs are already in progress, and according to Mr. Baker, the upcoming Challenge Week will only step up the cast's rehearsal efforts; they'll be collaborating with a professional choreographer and voice coach to elevate their stage presence. "This will be the first big show for three years," says Mr. Baker, "so we are delighted that we are able to get back on the school stage."

The Addams Family is coming to KGV on 24th , 25th , and 26th November 2021. Mark your calendars, and prepare for a night you'll never forget!

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