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The Student Council Bulletin

The SC will be using the Lion’s Crest to keep the general student body up to date with our next moves and actions. Here is what we have done / are planning to do next:

- SC ROAR SESSION: This is a town hall meeting where students can sign up to speak to Mr. Blackshaw and Ms. Beer directly and express their thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. All issues regarding school life can be discussed. Information regarding the date will be confirmed soon.

- INFORMAL FRIDAY FEEDBACK / FEEDBACK FORM: Since we have been online for the majority of this year and the last, we feel that we could greatly benefit from in-person communication. These sessions will likely begin in May, wherein students can walk in and speak to us personally about the feedback they may have. The google feedback form is still open, and will continue to be sent out monthly for students who prefer to submit feedback online.

- UNIFORM: We are currently in the process of reviewing the uniform policy alongside Ms. Beer and Mr. Blackshaw.

- BACK GATE FOR EARLY LEAVE / LATE ARRIVAL: This policy is currently being worked on by two members of our council and will hopefully be in effect soon.

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