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CAS Opportunities


We are a group of Year 12 students who, with the help of this newspaper, aim to bring the school community closer together. Our newspaper will contain the latest news and events happening at school, including your opinions.

If you are looking for an opportunity for your extracurricular, join us! If you are interested in helping us design the paper or write the articles.

Apply here!

The Lion's Crest 

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Seaing Change

We are a group of environmental activists dedicated to promoting advocacy for environmental issues, specifically involving single-use plastics and the effects they have on marine life and aquatic ecosystems. Our activities and contributions include beach cleanups, education programmes, recycling projects, documentaries, and art exhibitions.

We have done several beach cleanups at numerous beaches and have adhered to the COVID-19 restrictions by doing the cleanups socially distanced, in pairs. Roughly 25 different student volunteers have participated in our cleanups alongside our team members. 

If you want to help out, message us on Instagram to sign up!

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Hi! We're P4C, a hiking and trail clean up CAS project and activity. P4C (stands for picking up trash 4 change) runs a hike every Saturday morning, and since we started back in October, we've run over 19 hikes and trail clean-ups. This is a great opportunity for seniors looking for CAS, students who are conscientious about the environment, or simply anyone who loves being active and the outdoors. Our hikes are accessible to anyone who wishes to come, for information and to show interest, check out our group Instagram. Hoping to see you all there!

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